Sunday, 27 July 2014

Almost Lady Like?

Dress: Simply Be. Jive Seamed Tights: c/o Pamela Mann. Bow Heels: M&Co. Head Piece: Charity Shop.

I don't think I'll ever be properly lady like but this has got to be close? I mean I've got a pretty head piece on and heels! (These were a pretty wonderful bargain only £5.00 the fact I can't walk in them for more than 10 minutes is irrelevant) The veil is something I actually forgot I owned, I'd packed it away at the bottom of my scarf draw for costumes or shoots in the future but I've actually decided that I'm going to have a go at wearing it out at some point (sans the bow on the side!) The dress is a firm favourite of mine during the cooler weather, the fabric in this heat isn't ideal I was soon boiling alive in it but I'm an overly warm person anyway!

Now onto the Jive Seamed Tights I was kindly sent these by the lovely people at Pamela Mann and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, I've read reviews in the past that haven't been overly positive but I actually really like the quality of these tights and how comfortable they were. There is one rather large problem with these though, I'm wearing a UK size 28 -32 in these tights which personally I have no problem sizing up but I know readers of my blog who are a UK size 24+ these tights could potentially disappoint primarily due to the sizing issue, for reference I'm generally a UK dress size 20. Other than this they were a joy to wear and I can't wait to style them up for some vintage events I'll be attending over the summer! I've never worn seamed tights before and though they were a little fiddly for me to get them straight (and I know they still aren't entirely straight in the photos) I love how they finish a look!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Your Lipstick Stain is a Work of Art.

Playsuit: Asos Curve. Hair Flower: Primark. Converse: Kurt Geiger. Satchel: Zatchels. Lipstick: Mac, Lady Danger.

I finally feel like I've gotten my blogging mojo back and I couldn't be happier in that respect! So here I am with another outfit post featuring an oldie but a goodie, I utterly love this playsuit but for some reason it only ever used to come out in the winter when I could wear it with tights but I've decided enough is enough and this summer I'm going to try and get more wear out of my playsuits sans tights! This last week I've been helping my old high school with their performance of Grease and I spent a whole say in a vest top with my arms out and nothing bad happened, so with this in mind I'm going try and get more flesh out (tastefully of course!) 

I decided to go a little retro with a matte red lip, which is my lesser worn Lady Danger, I prefer this for sunny days as it's brighter than my staple Ruby Woo. the newest edition to this which I only got a week ago is this amazing satchel from Zatchels, I'll hopefully do a proper post on this soon but I just couldn't wait to show you! I actually visited their factory and head office in Leicester last year and I've been obsessed ever since after seeing how much goes into making them! So when they had the huge flash sale last week I decided to make an investment. My dad was actually nice enough to (massively) help me out with this so I could have the back straps added. I can't wait to pair this with all my circle skirts and pretty dresses! I also went with my fab red converse to tie all the look together.
Apologies about the dire state of my hair! It needs cutting desperately and I'm itching for a change but after my traumatic fringe trim experience of November 2013... I've been avoiding the hairdressers like the plague!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Currently Coveting - Scarlett & Jo.

Hello! I've decided that now summer is here and I've got some more time on my hands it's time to start on my to do list for things I wanted to add to my blog and having more features was one of them! So I'm starting with the fabulous Scarlett & Jo and the items above are pieces which was on sale now on It was difficult to narrow it down to just 4 items as I love pretty must everything they release! A firm favourite being the Jersey tea dresses, Scarlett & Jo were kind enough to send me one quite some time ago and due to a whole number of things (which thankfully are now behind me) I never got chance to show you all on here, this said piece is no longer for sale in the print I own but I can confirm they are one of the most comfortable dresses ever, suitable for all manner of occasions and perfect for every day wear. 

One piece I haven't had chance to try on from this wonderful brand is there prom skirts or two in one dresses. These are garments which would work perfectly with my own personal style and vintage aesthetic and my favourite skirts to wear are one with elastic waistbands like the one above, they're always comfortable and stay where they are supposed to, no twisting around during the day! Also don't get me started on the neckline of the dress it is my ultimate DREAM! I'm really favouring this style at the moment as it's got such a fabulous old classic Hollywood feel and I know the style of neck suits virtually anyone! Now for me the jumpsuit would be a bit of fun, unfortunately at towering only about 5'2 I generally can't pull them off without looking I've shrunk while wearing them but the print and style of this is just calling my name! With a plain kimono and wedges for a night out or a cropped denim jackets and converse it would just be the perfect summer look either way! 

Don't forget you can pick up Scarlett & Jo at Evans.
You can also find them on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and more!

I hope you enjoy my upcoming Currently Coveting brand features in the future (I know my editing skills above are less to be desired but I'm still sorting out my software so I can improve them!) and do let me know which is your favourite Scarlett & Jo piece!