Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dahlia Walk - Biddulph Grange Gardens.

A week or so ago my parents dragged me out of the house on a dreary Sunday afternoon to one of the more local National Trust places not far from where I live and normally I'd be getting my folks to snap an outfit shot or two of me while we're wandering around the array of themed gardens I just wasn't in the mood alas I'd had some sad news only a day before and I just wasn't in the frame of mind. However when we got to the Dahlia Walk I couldn't resist capturing a number of the flowers, the colours and shapes genuinely brightened me up a little and gave me some inspiration for creating skirts like the petals etc.

These were the last bloom for the flowers before Autmn and Winter truly decended and as you can see they're a little past their prime but still powering through as best they could. I do realise how deep and quite frankly emo that sounded, I feel like I've gone back in time to when I was 14 and oh so misunderstood! Anyway I'm hoping to get some more posts up shortly as I know I've been far to quiet in the last few months!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Do You Want Curves With That?!

                  "Do you want curves with that?" tee: Nicky Rockets. Bra: Elomi Bijou c/o Bras Galore.
                        Bottoms: Elomi Bijou Shorts c/o Bras Galore. (all available in nude and pansy)

In the past few years I've began to feel comfortable with who I am, mostly thanks to finding the world of blogging and discovering an array of clothing and discovering my personal style. Of course I still have my hiccups from time to time particularly when it comes to feeling like I'm okay in swimwear or underwear but I'm now a little older and (sometimes) wiser I'm finally beginning to feel good in all aspects of my style and shape. So I'm hoping to get more posts up like this as I think well fitting foundations can completely change the shape of a garment you're wearing.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Bras Garlore who were sweet enough to ask if I'd like to review anything from the site and of course I was completely spoilt for choice! I decided to go for something that I new I needed in my wardrobe which was a classic black bra. I choose this piece from Elomi not only because I know how fabulous there lingerie is already but also because it is functional as well as having pretty details like the bows and trim. I ordered a size 38E and a UK20 in the briefs and they all fit wonderfully!  The core sits flush against my chest in the right place and they're is no gaping on the cups but I also don't over spill them.I'd always recommend being fitted by someone prior to ordering online or having a go yourself so you can get the perfect style and shape for you. In the past I've found the ladies in Debenhems to be fabulous for fittings and listening properly to what you'd like. Ordering from Bras Galore was as easy as 1,2,3 as they're site has clear images along with it being relatively simply to navigate, they're also super helpful if you have any questions just pop them a tweet at @brasgalore and they'll be happy to help you!

I just wanted to quickly mention how FABULOUS Nicky Rockets tee's are! I now own four which I simply love to wear, this is one of the newer prints which I LOVE and thought would look awesome with this lingerie set. I finished the look with a slick of deep pink lip colour and a matching butterfly hair slide. I'd love to know what you think of the pieces and what are your favourites!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Camping Saviour with Equip+!

A few weeks ago I attended Twinwood Festival with work and camped, now I'm not one for camping if I'm honest... I can survive but it's not something I take great joy in (waking up in a damp sleeping bag from rolling into the tent walls is a mild nightmare) and though we did have nice showers they could end up full of moths etc and I actually felt cleaner using these fab wipes than I did getting into the shower. So these Equip+ wipes were a life saver!

I tried everything bar the shampoo cap while I was there, (as I had my hair in vintage styles the whole time and it's easier to do these actually on dirtier hair!) and for when showering is impossible or a pain in the bum these are perfect, I felt clean, fresh the whole weekend and they don't have that horrible feeling babywipes leave on your skin when used! I've also got dry and rather sensitive skin and these didn't upset my skin at all which also really surprised me as I tend to find similar things such as face wipes actually dry my skin out a lot and I found out the hard way while away and by the 4th day the skin on my face was in a right state! As as Girl Guiding leader and baby sitter I've also found these really handy for keeping in my bag when we go on little trips with my rainbow unit and when I'm baby sitting as someone always ends up either muddy or spilling something down them!

The guys over at Equip+ have been good enough to offer you my lovely readers the chance to win a set of their fabulous products to try for yourselves. All you need to do is enter below!